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Online Witchcraft Course: A Spellbinding Way To Learn

Witchcraft has a rich and complex history and has certainly made a revival in modern times. Those who may be curious about this ancient belief system may not know where to start. Luckily, online courses are available to teach students everything they need to know including the basic tenets of witchcraft and the practices used in daily life. A virtual learning experience offers students a convenient and immersive way of learning about the beliefs and practices of witchcraft. Read on for an idea of what to expect when taking an online witchcraft course. 

Learning the Basics

One of the biggest benefits of taking an online course is having all the necessary material available in one place. Rather than spending money on countless books, the basic beliefs and practices of witchcraft can be found in one course. For those who are completely new to the practice of witchcraft, a beginner's introduction that covers these basics will be extremely helpful. Students can expect to read about different types of witchcraft as well as the history of the practice and how it applies to society today. Basic beliefs, including exploring polytheism and the divine feminine, may also be covered to help students comprehend the theological aspect of witchcraft. Finally, learning about the core practices of witchcraft will be addressed. This may include but is not limited to studying the phases of the moon, divination techniques, tarot, meditation, the elements, visualization, and spells. 

At-Home Exercises

Though reading about the basics of witchcraft will be a given when you are taking an online course, students may be pleasantly surprised to learn that there will also be at-home exercises included as well! Witchcraft is a belief system that is not limited to concepts but also incorporates practices that are put into action to achieve results. Taking meditation as an example, this practice can be utilized to achieve a calmer, more focused disposition and can even aid in visualizing techniques. Students may be asked to sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths to achieve a sense of calm. They may be asked to visualize a babbling brook and explore what sensations or emotions may arise. Another example of an at-home exercise would be moon gazing. Students may be encouraged to watch the moon and consider how it marks the seasons and what energies may be present depending on the current moon phase. 

Virtual Covens

Taking an online class on witchcraft is also an excellent way to be connected to others who are exploring this fascinating belief system. Covens, though typically made up of a group of people who meet in a physical space, can hold a presence on a virtual platform. This is a great way to explore what a coven may offer those studying witchcraft and is a convenient way to meet with others. Virtual covens will only continue the learning experience for students and will explore holidays and meaningful times during the year that are significant to the practice of witchcraft. The holiday known as Samhain, for example, would be a fantastic opportunity for coven members to celebrate the turning of the wheel and remember those who have passed on to the other side. Yule, on the other hand, would be a celebratory event to mark the winter solstice and reflect on the darkness of the season as well as the return of the light. 

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