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What Can You Do With Bible Tracts?

Bible tracts are small, printed booklets that share the good news of Jesus Christ. You can find Bible tracts about different topics like sin, salvation, and the identity of Christ. Bible tracts are inexpensive, which means that you can give them away to people that you meet. Bible tracts are an excellent tool for Christians to spread the word about Christianity. Here are four things you can do with Bible tracts:

1. Empower young Christians to share the gospel with others

In the Bible, Jesus tells his followers to make disciples of all the nations. His words have inspired generations of Christians to share the gospel and convert others to Christianity. Many Christians see this Great Commission as a sacred duty from Christ, which means it's important to empower even the youngest Christians to become evangelists. Bible tracts can help young Christians share God's Word with others. Even if they don't have formal theological training, every child can give someone a tract and tell that person what Jesus means to them.

2. Evangelize even if you're shy

Sharing the gospel is a privilege and a responsibility, but some Christians may find that task harder than others. If you're not the kind of person who finds it easy to talk about your faith, a Bible tract can help. Bible tracts can provide valuable information to people who are interested in Christianity, so you won't have to do all the talking. The right gospel tracts will allow even shy people to spread the good news of Christ's salvation.

3. Start conversations with strangers

Evangelizing to strangers is a worthy endeavor, but figuring out how to strike up a conversation with someone you don't know can be tricky. Even outgoing people can struggle with talking to people they have never met, but a prop can help. Bible tracts can raise questions with their interesting titles and pictures. If a stranger asks you what a Bible tract is, then you already have a topic that you can talk about.

4. Leave surprises for people in unexpected places

Bible tracts can be effective even without conversations. Some people enjoy leaving Bible tracts for other people to find. Placing a Bible tract on a public bench or in a phone booth can give someone a delightful surprise in the future. You can even mail Bible tracts along with your bills and other correspondence to give people something fun to find.