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4 Advantages Of Attending Church Services Online

Going to church gives Christians the opportunity to refresh themselves in the Word of God. Unfortunately, not everyone is able or willing to attend church physically. Luckily, technology gives people the opportunity to attend church services remotely. Many churches livestream their services so people can watch them using their phones, laptops, or tablets. Here are four advantages of attending church services online:

1. Feel the Holy Spirit through live worship.

The Holy Spirit is present in any place where Christians gather together, even when that gathering is online. Many churches start their services with live worship, where people have the opportunity to praise God together. This is a great opportunity to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit while you glorify God through song.

2. Discuss sermons with others.

Listening to a sermon is a great way to learn more about the Bible and God's will. However, other people may have different insights that can be equally valuable. Online church services feature live chat rooms where people can discuss the Gospel as it's shared. Talking with other Christians can help you clarify parts of the message you don't understand while also offering the opportunity to share your wisdom with others.

3. Share the Gospel with someone in your life.

Evangelism gives people the opportunity to share the good news of Christ with others. Taking a non-believer to church can allow them to experience the grace of God for themselves. However, many non-Christians may be wary of going to church, especially if they've had bad experiences in the past. Online church services can remove this barrier since it may be easier to convince a friend or loved one to watch an online church sermon with you in the comfort and safety of a familiar space.

4. Enjoy church services as a family. 

Families that make Jesus Christ their foundation can remain strong no matter what challenges come their way. Enjoying church services together as a family is a great way to strengthen your family's bond and commitment to Christ. Unfortunately, young children sometimes have a hard time sitting still through long sermons, and older family members may have health challenges that prohibit their involvement in church life. Online streaming services allow families to watch church sermons together at home. Kids can be as rowdy as they want without disrupting others, and elderly family members can take breaks to manage their health as well.

If you're interested, see if your church offers church online